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Huge Clearance Sale

That's right. We have a HUGE clearance sale going on. With most prices reduced by 50% or even more. Why? It's not official yet nor will it happen for sure, but due to personal reasons we might leave the UK. Lion Chess may resurrect from its ashes from a different country later again, but either way, we have to shed the burden of carrying too much stock with us.

So grab a bargain now at those insanely low prices!

Lion Chess is an online retailer of chess products of the highest quality and ensures you not only have a great shopping experience but receive outstanding customer service as well. Whether you are a chess club or school, looking to buy some inexpensive chess supplies in bulk or you are a collector of the finest handcrafted chess pieces, we will be at your service and make sure you find what you are looking for. As a sideline, we also offer "Matador" a wooden construction kit which is great fun for children (and their dads too). Please take your time and browse our selection of chess products, knowing that quality is at our hearts.

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