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Lion Chess is a retailer of high-quality chess sets and equipment, established in 2013. The founder, Guenther Wurmbauer, has a passion for chess since his childhood and believes in quality products. All too often a perceived good deal ends up costly as the quality doesn't live up to expectations and you end up buying the more expensive product too. We will help you to find your quality chess product at excellent prices. Our products are carefully selected and inspected to ensure you only receive products meeting your high expectation. Your delivery will be well packed and sent via a reputable carrier and if things do go wrong, we are here to sort it out for you.

Lion Chess is located on the beautiful albeit quite rainy seatown of Largs in Scotland. From here, you have wonderful views of the mountains of the Southern Highlands, panoramic scenes of the sea and islands and have the local hills in your back. All this natural beauty is reflected in our products.

Here at Lion Chess, we believe in quality. We therefore do as much as we can in-house: Our website is developed by the owner himself and so are all the photos taken. We don't recycle images from the manufacturer but instead put our products in the spotlight ourselves to show you exactly what you get. This also means for you, that you can request special photo requests! We make photos of the products the way you want. Want to see extra details of the knight? How do these pieces fit to that board? Tell us and we are happy to provide you with the pictures as requested.

Our website aims for great usability, easy navigation, fast content delivery and good readability. It does not try stealing your attention away by flashing animations and an overload of graphics. We know that your time is precious and you don't want to waste time browsing through a multitude of sub-menus and strain your eyes with poor contrasting text in a small font size. You may call our site spartan or basic but we hope you share our philosophy of quality over quantity.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit at our website and enjoy browsing through our growing number of products. Your feedback is highly valued and we are always happy to hear from you. Why not drop us an e-mail We are looking forward hearing from you.

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Lion Chess
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Largs KA30 9BY
United Kingdom

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