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Tagua Chess Pieces

If you haven't experienced the beauty of Tagua, then it's time you tried! Tagua's beauty comes from its resemblance to ivory – once a very popular material for chess pieces, but banned for obvious reasons. Yet Tagua is completely derived from plants. The Tagua Palm Tree to be more specific. As such, you can have wonderfully handcrafted chess pieces to show off at your board, while knowing that neither animal nor tree got harmed for your gorgeous set!

Want to know more?

Tagua is an often overlooked treasure. Thanks to its ivory-like appearance it can closely resemble antique chess pieces (that were often made from real ivory), but it is completely plant-based. No animal comes to harm to get access to this wonderful resource. Because only the nuts from the tagua palm tree are collected, even the trees don't come to harm. In fact, they are often cared for by the locals as they provide them with a steady and ethical income, free from dirty money from the drug trade or opium cultivation, that is often found in tagua-producing country.

Tagua is also a very hard substance and this gives Tagua Chess Pieces a good feelin your hand. And similarly to wooden chess pieces: At the end of their life, they are compostable! Although we can't see a reason why you would not want to pass such a chess set on to the next generation!

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