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If you are looking for a chess set with a maritime theme or perhaps like a touch of Greek mythology, you should definitely consider these outstanding chessmen. Not only the design makes this set to something special, but also the material used: Tagua is providing a welcomed change to the most commonly used materials wood, stone and metal. Besides, tagua is also more environmentally friendly than wood since no trees need to be cut down in order to get this wonderful naturl ressource with an exquisite appearance.

Each of the 32 pieces has been delicately crafted by hand with intricate details. Normally, the pawns are the simplest of pieces and quickly manufactured on a lathe. Not so with this set where every piece needed skilled craftmanship for it to be produced. All the pieces have been polished to give them their desirable glossy and exquisite look. While you can play chess with this set, it is better suited for being used as a decorative element in your home.

The height of the king of this marvellous collection measures approximately 80mm (3") and weighs between 70 and 80g. For the total set we find a weight of ca. 860g).

Please allow for minor differences to the pieces shown as this chess set has been fully handmade from natural materials.

Tagua is an environmentally friendly resource and find its use for jewelry and artwork. Since only the nuts are collected, no trees are felled and they are often cared for by local communities in rural areas as they provide an ethical source of income. Once dried, the nuts are of extraordinary hardness, similar to that of bone, and this makes them an ideal choice for artwork. Tagua is similar in appearance to ivory but coming from a plant it does not have the negative image and animal conservation issues associated with it. It is therefore also referred to as &auot;vegetable ivory".

Product Specifications

Tagua / Tagua
King Height
King Weight
70g / 77g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size)
> 55mm / > 2.15"
Double Queens?

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