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Tournament (Staunton Style)

Item Code:  14001
Tournament (Staunton Style)
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Most tagua sets are of artistic nature and therefore not ideal to play chess with them but rather put them on display. The pieces from the "Tournament" set breaks with this norm and their design follows the Staunton design, the now de-facto standard for chess pieces. As such they are equally suited for use as home decoration and for games of chess. Although simplistic in design, they exhibit fine character due to the qualities of the material used: Tagua.

Similar in appearance to ivory, it is also known as "vegetable ivory", yet without the problems associated with ivory from animal sources. You can get a luxurious looking chess set without paying the premium price for it and facing the moral issues that surrounds real ivory and illegal trade. As simple as they may look, the pieces have been handmade and polished to give them their desirable sheen.

The tournament chess pieces come with a 3" (80mm) King which weighs ca. 30g. A board with a 55mm square size or slightly larger is recommended. For the total set, a weight of approximately 630g is found.

The Tournament Chessmen, made from the good looking and environmentally friendly material tagua, are perfect for a game of chess and is equally suited to add a slightly exotic character to your living space.

Product Specifications

Tagua / Tagua
King Height
King Weight
30g / 30g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size)
> 55mm / > 2.15"
Double Queens?

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