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12" Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set

Item Code:  49041
12" Rosewood Magnetic Chess Set
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Whether you want a chess set for an unsteady place like a yacht or you just want a smaller set-up with stable pieces, our 12" Magnetic Chess Set in Rosewood caters for just such needs. Being magnetic means the pieces will remain on their fields when the yacht is swaying on a breezy day and even for normal play they can compensate for the absence of weightings which wouldn't be of much benefit in pieces of that size anyway.

The set consists of the usual 32 chessmen which are neatly and individually stored in the foam inserts in one big drawer. The drawer opens up in both directions so each player can get their pieces out in turn. Storing the chessmen in a drawer also means that the board is made as a single piece, i.e. is not foldable and thus avoiding a gap in the middle as is often the case in smaller, foldable chess sets. This ensures more splendid looks and no disturbance in a game when sliding pieces across the board. As you would expect, the entire set has been handcrafted by skilled artisans and is made of prestigious Rosewood which reveals its charme by its dark, rich colour and a rather straight wooden grain.

For the all important king's dimensions, we find a height of 2.5" (64mm) and a weight of around 16g - but don't worry about it being lightweight, the magnets ensure a firm hold on the board. Pawns measure a decent height of 1.4" (36mm) in height. Overall, the set weighs a good 2.3kg and measures 12" x 12" x 2" (30 x 30 x 5 cm).

If you don't have the space for putting up a 20"+ board up or need a firmer hold of the pieces, this elegant 12" Rosewood Magnetic Set makes an excellent choice. Not only is it practical for a good game of chess, it comes with gorgeous looks too. While it is less suited for playing in the cramped space of a train compartment or aeroplane, it offers higher playing comfort due to its larger size compared to smaller sized magnetic sets. And the wonderful qualities of Rosewood will give you a feel of quality and lets you forget you are not playing on a big board.

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