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12" Sheesham Magnetic Chess Set

Item Code:  49040
12" Sheesham Magnetic Chess Set
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No matter whether you want a chess set for an unsteady place like a yacht, or you simply want a smaller sized chess set with pieces that don't fall over easily, our 12" Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham is the right choice for you. Thanks to the magnets installed in the pieces, they stick firmly do the board and won't move around if you are hit by a bigger wave.

All the 32 pieces of the chess set can be neatly stored in their individual cut-outs of the foam inserts of the drawer. There is only one single drawer which opens in both ways, so players can take out the pieces in turn. As this is a solid board and not foldable, you will not be disturbed by a gap in the middle of the board but instead see it without distortions. It goes without saying, that the set has been handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using boxwood and sheesham for both the pieces and the board. The board has been polished to give it that desirable sheen and lustre.

As for the dimensions, we find a king height of 2.5" (64mm) with a weight of 16g. While the weight seems little, but is of a big advantage for a magnetic set as it allows a firmer hold on the board. Even the pawns are quite tall with a height of 36mm. The set in its entirety weighs a good 2.3kg and measures 30 x 30 x 5cm (12" x 12" x 2").

Due to its size, this set is less suitable for a cramped train compartment or tiny table on an aircraft but offers huge comfort and stability in other places, like a yacht. You will certainly like this set with all its quality and the luxurious look. It's hard to resist this mirror-like board and this gorgeous pieces. In short: Affordable luxury!

Looking for even better looks and exotic wood? Then we recommend you our 12" Magnetic Chess Set in sumptuous Rosewood. Our premium magnetic chess set, sourced just for you.

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