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5" Sheesham Magnetic Chess Set

Item Code:  49010
5" Sheesham Magnetic Chess Set
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When size matters and you need a tiny chess set on the go, our 5" magnetic chess set in Sheesham will be your company wherever you go. All pieces have small magnets in them ensuring they stick to the board and won't be thrown off at every bump on your journey by train or plane. To further increase the set's portability, the board is foldable and easily stores away in a pocket of your backpack or jacket. Individual cut-outs in the foam safely secures each piece for transportation and your chessmen won't knock around when running through the crowd on a busy platform catching your train.

Both the board and pieces are lacquered and polished to a high standard to give it a desirable shine. Needless to say, that the entire set has been crafted by skilled craftsmen. For the woods, boxwood has been used for the white chessmen and elements on the board, while the black pieces and fields on the board are made from Sheesham. The dimensions of the set when folded are 5" x 2.5" x 1.3" (13 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm), so easily fits into most pockets. On a scale, the entire sets weighs in at around 180g. As the pieces are magnetic, the weight of the pieces is less of an issue, and we find just around 1g for the kings which stand 0.9" or 22mm high.

It will be hard to find any smaller magnetic chess set than our 5" one. At that size, the magnetic pieces start to interfere with each other and you find that some neighbouring chessmen stick together. That said, the pieces will remain on their squares they are supposed to be and will not spoil your game.

If the smallest possible size for your chess set is the most important factor to you without compromising on quality and elegant looks, you are well advised with this tiny 5" chess set. It is easy to store away and fits comfortably in your jacket or backpack and being magnetic means it is suitable for games on the go.

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