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7" Sheesham Magnetic Chess Set

Item Code:  49020
7" Sheesham Magnetic Chess Set
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You need a chess set you can take effortlessly on your holiday but don't want to compromise on comfortable play? Our 7" Magnetic Chess Set serves you the best of both worlds: It is small enough to be taken with you on your journeys but big enough to avoid the magnetic pieces interfering with each other as is the case with smaller sets. Since the board is foldable, it is easily stored away in a larger pocket in your rucksack or in your suitcase. Thanks to the magnets, the chessmen will remain on their places during your commute to work or flight to your well-deserved holidays.

When folded, the set measures 7" x 3.5" x 1.25" (18 x 9 x 4 cm) and brings 360 g on the scale. Stability of the pieces is provided with the magnets inside and therefore the weights of the individual pieces is less of a concern but you will find 3g for the kings which stand at 1 1/4" (32mm) in height. The entire set has been made by hand by skilled craftsmen and with the shiny lacquer on both boards and the pieces, your set comes with an adorable glossy finish. As usual, boxwood has been used for the white pieces and squares on the chessboard while the black ones have been crafted from Sheesham wood.

Striking the balance between portability and easy playability, the 7" Magnetic Sheesham set is the First Choice for a Travel Magnetic Chess Set. Small enough to accompany you on your travels yet big enough as not to worry about pieces sticking together. You will love this quality set and won't go anywhere without it anymore.

For an even more sumptuous look, consider our 7" Magnetic Chess Set in Rosewood. Should you find yourself in a situation where you really need the smallest possible size, then this set is also available in a 5" version in both Sheesham and Rosewood. And for best playability we recommend our 12" Magnetic Chess Sets, also available in both Sheesham and Rosewood, which are great for places like yachts and when you don't have to carry your chess game around with you all the time.

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