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Collector, 4.4" Red Sandalwood

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A chess set of imperial qualities. The Collector chess set in Red Sandalwood leaves nothing to be desired with its top-grade quality, well-proportioned and heavily weighted pieces. And it is the use of sumptuous Red Sandalwood which reflects its luxurious character; a wood which is getting rarer by the day. The wood in this set comes from old, existing stock the manufacturer of this set stores and is legally traded.

The Staunton design is the de-facto standard for chess pieces nowadays and this set follows this tradition. Nevertheless, it is anything but boring and you can find beautiful elements of creativity modelled around the Staunton design. Take the bishop for example, which manages to draw part of the attention away from the much beloved knight. It comes with a wide and deep mitre which ends in a concave form, which is harder to craft than just making a straight cut. Quality can also be felt in the rook: Sliding it over the board is a real pleasure thanks to its very heavy weight. It won't be easy for your opponent to break through your defences! Finally, the knight. As always, most attention is given to the knight and this set makes no exception. Clearly prepared for the battle, the knight displays a shortly trimmed mane and with its fiery look its ready to break through the enemy lines. Further attention should be paid to its muzzle which is slightly open and the front teeth have been carefully crafted individually. Also the nostrils are modelled down to fine details and the entire knight resembles a real horse.

Now to the metrics of this wonderful set: The king measures 4.4" or approx. 110mm in height and with this size comes an impressive weight of 114g for the white king and 127g for black. Being such heavy-weight, the kings - like all the other pieces - stand rock-solid on the board. To give an other example, the rooks weigh an astounding 93g for the rosewood pieces! More than most kings of bigger sizes weigh. Thanks to their triple-weightings the pieces also exhibit a perfect balance with the majority of the weight concentrated near the bottom. It's virtually impossible to accidentally knock them down. To ensure your board is protected from unsightly scratches all the pawns and pieces have a felt attached on their undersides. This also allows for a smooth sliding off your chess army over the board. Of course double queens come as a standard for a set in this luxury class.

Regardless of whether you are a collector of the most exquisite chess sets around or you enjoy playing with only the utmost best quality you can find, those pieces play in a league of their own. Delicately crafted by hand using exquisite woods, polished to a high sheen and perfectly balanced, there is nothing you can wish more in a chess set. You will love this set!

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Product Specifications
Material:Red Sandalwood
King Height:4.4" / 110mm
King Weight114g / 127g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size):> 2.5"
Double Queens:Yes
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