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Collector, 4" Rosewood

Item Code:  13020
Collector, 4" Rosewood
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It probably doesn't need to be re-iterated that the "Collector" Chess Pieces are a serious choice for collectors of high-quality chess pieces - the title suggests it already. But the pieces are equally suited for the serious chess player who desires superbly balanced pieces in a bold Staunton design.

The quality of a chess set is mainly governed by the aesthetics of the knight and the Collector definitely ticks this box. A short but well manicured mane and individual teeth in the half-opened mouth can be seen on the knight. The horse shows its fierceness towards the opponent in its eyes and the backwards pointing ears and wide opened nostrils further indicate its readiness for a fierce chess battle.

Although the tower's battlements aren't high, it certainly will withstand the run-up of the enemy with its wide base and tower. It is a pleasure sliding the tower over long open lines. But don't forget your other pieces too, like the bishop which has a wide and big mitre. A welcomed contrast to the usual thin mitre as found in most pieces.

Needless to say that the queens come in pairs. For a chess set at this price you can expect this as a standard. And given her beauty with the 10-jagged crown and wide base you will do your best to reach the final ranks with your pawns, but make sure your opponent doesn't do the same!

The king measures a good height of 4" and weighs in at an impressive 98g for black and still a good 79g for white. Quite a heavy-weight. Its base diameter of 1 7/8in (48mm) requires a big board of at least 2.4" (60mm) to give a comfortable fit. Pieces are triple weighted and with the finest rosewood used for the black pieces gives rise to the question: Are you sure you still want to play with white?

No matter whether you are a chess enthusiast, a collector or looking for a stunning chess set for decorative purposes, the Collector should not be overlooked. Bold Staunton lines and heavy-weight pieces guarantee many hours of finest chess games. Enjoy!

Product Specifications

Boxwood / Rosewood
King Height
King Weight
79g / 98g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size)
/ 2.4"
Double Queens?

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