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Downhead, 3" Ebonised

Item Code:  11001
Downhead, 3" Ebonised
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The "Downhead" Chess Pieces are ideally suited to start out with your first quality wooden chessmen. Although they might look simple, the pieces are handcrafted and polished by hand to give them their semi-gloss appearance. The same design is also used in international chess tournaments, which proves the popularity and high standard of those pieces. They are also weighted to improve their balance and stability on the board, therefore reducing the risk of accidentally knocking a piece in your winning position down.

Close attention is always given to the knight in a chess set, as it allows the artisan to express his creativity. The knight in this starter set shows some detailed features like the crafted mane, muzzle and nostrils. This portrays the care that has been put into the making of those chessmen.

Boxwood of high quality has been used for all the 32 pieces in this set. The black pieces are ebonised, a dying process to give them an appearance similar to that of real ebony, yet without the eye-watering price tag. In height, the king measures 3" (approx. 75mm) and weighs approximately 40g. On the underside, you find green felts to protect your board from scratches and it also allows for easy sliding across the chessboard. For added stability, the pieces have been singly weighted.

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive starter set without compromising on quality for either yourself or your kid, the Downhead chess pieces make a great choice. The smaller pieces also mean that you don't need a huge board to put those pieces on. These chess pieces will give you plenty of joy for your chess games and they feel good in your hands.

Product Specifications

Boxwood / Ebonised Boxwood
King Height
King Weight
40g / 40g
(white / black)
Double Queens?

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