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Matador Klassik 1 Main Kit (222 pieces)

Item Code:  72001
Matador Klassik 1 Main Kit (222 pieces)
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If your son or daughter is starting to show an interest in engineering and you want to future-proof your purchase, then the Matador Klassik 1 construction kit makes for the perfect start for your child's journey in mechanical engineering. With 222 parts you can build a wide range of models. Included is an instruction booklet with easy to follow build ideas of 56 different models divided into two levels of difficulty. Once your child is ready for bigger builds the Matador Klassik 1a Extension kit expands your Klassik 1 kit to the possibilities of the Klassik 2 kit with bigger and more difficult to build models.

Have some good time together with your children by showing them how to build things with this Klassik 1 kit. Even adults won't be bored.

Product Specifications

5+ years
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Toolkits Included

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