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Montana, 3.75" Rosewood

Item Code:  12010
Montana, 3.75" Rosewood

At a Glance

  • Sumptous Rosewood
  • King Height 3.75"
  • Superb craftmanship
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The Montana Chess Pieces certainly show some teeth! Great attention has been paid to the carvings of the knights with their delicately crafted teeth and their short trimmed manes. Attention to detail and superb quality characterises this splendid set of chessmen.

As with most quality chess figures, the bottom of the pieces have a green felt attached to them. Not only does this protect the often expensive chess boards but it also makes sliding the pieces over the board easy and gives a pleasant "tock" sound when putting the pieces down.

The king measures 3.75" in height and weighs 64 g. Its base diameter is 1.625" and we therefore recommend a board of 2.25" square size. All pieces are handcrafted from solid boxwood (white pieces) and rosewood (black pieces) and polished by hand for a nice yet not obtrusive sheen.

If you look for quality chess pieces with some fine carved details as seen from much more expensive sets, then the Montana makes a great gift for a spouse / friend or yourself. Top handcrafted quality at an affordable price.

Product Specifications

Boxwood / Rosewood
King Height
King Weight
64g / 64g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size)
57mm / 2.25"
Double Queens?

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