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Plastic Chess Pieces, 3 3/4 inches

Item Code:  10000
Plastic Chess Pieces, 3 3/4 inches
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Plastic Chess Pieces are often cheap and also feel that way. That this doesn't need to be is demonstrated by our plastic pieces on offer here. Although the feel and experience can't match up with the wooden pieces in our range, they are nevertheless of excellent quality and come in handy where dirt, abuse or risk of damage is an issue. Whereas many plastic chess pieces are made of low-grade thin plastic, these are actually quite heavy, are made up of a thicker plastic shell and even come with a felted base! No matter whether you want to play on a vinyl board or you prefer using them on a wooden board, the felt ensures a smooth sliding experience over the board (particularly true for the rook) and there is no risk of scratching your valuable wooden board.

The design is kept to the traditional Staunton design but the knight got some little nice features moulded into it. Not bad for a plastic pieces! The king measures a height of 96 mm (= 3 3/4 in) and weighs 30 g. Since both colours are made from identical materials, i.e. plastic, the weights are the same for each colour. We recommend a board with 1.8in squares to fit the king's base of 1.6in nicely.

Due to their low price, these chess pieces are ideal for clubs, schools or for beginners in chess who want to try this fascinating board game first before investing into it. And of course they are also ideal for children since their low price won't hurt your wallet in case a piece should ever get broken. Finally, it should be pointed out that these pieces are made in Poland and not in China as is the case for most plastic pieces on the market.

Product Specifications

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