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Small Magnetic Chess Set

Item Code:  49000
Small Magnetic Chess Set
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Need a small chess set to play while on the go like on a train or during a flight? Then a magnetic chess set is the perfect companion for you.

The pieces are weighted and equipped with magnets which makes them immune to tilts and shakes of the board and you won't mess up this favourable position of yours against your opponent. Due to its modest size (27 x 13.5 x 4 cm when folded) it is easy to stow away in a backpack or carry bag and the weight of under 600 grams won't give you any sore arms or back while carrying this lovely set around with you. Speaking of weight, the kings weigh an impressively low 6g each and stand 47mm high - real lightweights which help them to stay firmly on the board whilst playing.

For the materials, hornbeam and sycamore has been used to craft the chessmen while beech and birch are found in the chessboard. The chessboard has a nice green insert tray included to allow individual storing of the pieces and you avoid the potentially annoying rattling sound caused by loose pieces in a wooden box...

Thanks to the low weight of the pieces, they adhere very well to the board, even at steep angles. And just being close to vertical will the King and the Queen decide to slip off the board. The other pieces may even hold to the board when turned upside-down - certainly the pawns don't mind this at all!

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