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Wooden Staunton No7, 100mm

Item Code:  10012
Wooden Staunton No7, 100mm
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The biggest brother of our Staunton No5 and Staunton No6 pieces is this set. Slightly taller than the Size 6 set but there is more "meat" to the pieces with their rounder and opulent features.

All the pieces are made from hornbeam and the king stands 100mm high with a weight of around 35g. A board of 45mm square size is recommended.

The Staunton No7 chessmen are perfect for someone looking for big, yet inexpensive chess pieces. Thanks to their low price, they are also great for kids were pieces take the occasional knock. The pieces also show quite a good resilience to abuse and won't break easily. Also available in smaller Size 6 and Size 7 options.

Product Specifications

Hornbeam / Hornbeam
King Height
King Weight
36g / 35g
(white / black)
Double Queens?

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