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Zagreb, 4" Rosewood

Item Code:  12000
Zagreb, 4" Rosewood
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Named after the capital city of Croatia where a tournament for the World Chess Champion was held in 1959, this set of contrasting colours of the pieces is an eye-catcher. The top décor of the three tallest pieces (king, queen and bishop) are in the opponent's colour. An unusual, yet a popular set of chess pieces back then. In contrast to the popular Staunton design, the bishop doesn't have a mitre but is smooth and featureless all way round. The knight shows some detailed carvings and is of the "Russian Knight" style.

From top to toe, the king measures 4", and the king brings a good 88g on the scale (for black which is made from rosewood) and still 83g for the white side (boxwood). The king's base diameter is 1.75in and a board with a square size of 2.25 to 2.5 inches is thus recommended. As usual, all pieces are felted at the bottom. The black figures are from actual solid rosewood, which is superior to ebonised pieces and it shows its beautiful dark, rich colours and the wooden grain.

The Zagreb is at the top end of our mid price range. You get top-quality handcrafted chessmen without breaking your budget. The weight of the pieces give them great stability and you can be certain they feel and handle well in your hands. A great set commemorating an unforgettable tournament and something different from the traditional Staunton style.

Product Specifications

Boxwood / Rosewood
King Height
King Weight
83g / 88g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size)
60mm / 2.4"
Double Queens?

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