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Kiev, 2.75" Sheesham

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The "Kiev" chess pieces show off with quite some fine attributes, combining opulence with elegant simplicity. Both the king and the queen of this set are modelled on the "stronger" side, without appearing too fat. The queen's top vaguely resembles a flower with five thick petals. This opulence can still be seen in the pawn with a rather big pedestal. On the other side you find the bishop which stretches high up in a slim and sleek fashion. Of particular interest is the knight: At first, it appears to be very simple but take a closer look. On one side, it is plane without the mane being visible, yet on the other you see a delicately crafted mane with finer and thicker strains of hair and decorative elements. And it is this asymmetry which brings beauty to the knights. A thoughtful idea by the designer of this marvellous chess set.

As for the woods used, you find high quality boxwood for the white pieces and sheesham with its characteristic bold grain for the black side. The pieces are all handmade and polished to give them this gorgeous sheen. For the height, we find 2.75" for the kings which bring up a bit over 20g on the scale. Their base diameter is 1 1/8", making it suitable for boards with a square size of 1.5" (40mm) or bigger, depending on personal taste. As the pawn's pedestal was mentioned above, its base diameter of 7/8" (22mm) should be mentioned here. All pieces come with a green felt on the bottom and are double weighted for improved balance and stability on the board. You can feel the quality of those pieces just by holding them in your hands!

With its rather bold and opulent design features, the Kiev set is ideal to make a statement on the board with their nobility. Thanks to this accentuation the pieces can also be used to add a decorative element to your lounge or salon and the asymmetry of the knight brings admiration into the game. In short: A great Staunton chess set which is also great to play with!

You can also get those marvellous pieces in a bigger 3.75" version.

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Product Specifications
King Height:2.75" / 70mm
King Weight23g / 20g
(white / black)
Recommended Board (Square Size):1.5" / 40mm
Double Queens:No
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